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What I Do


I've had experience managing linux based systems since 2010. I started off hosting an apache2 webserver and a Minecraft server. Now I have experience with various server technologies, from virtualization to linux to databases.

Web Development

I have experience with creating, troubleshooting, and fixing PHP code. I have experience interfacing with MySQL databases. I am also fluent in HTML/CSS markup. Some of my projects can be found over on my portfolio

Cisco Networking

I have received training in Cisco Networking and am currently self studying aiming for a CCNP certification. I fully understand the basics of computer networking as well as some of the advanced tehnologies.

Computer Repair

I have experience fixing up my own computer equipment and optimizing it for my work, and I also help friends with their computer issues and I have offered computer repair to those people.

Freelance Work

My freelance work has taught me how to maintain excellent relations with a customer and provide them with what they want in a timely matter. My freelance work has also strengthened my experience in all other aspects of my work.

Still a Student

More importantly, I am still a student! There will always be things I don't know, and I'm eager to learn things as they come up. My long term goal is a masters degree in computer science or engineering. I also enjoy learning through self study and through hobbies

Work, Projects, and Experience

ioTheory Founder and Systems Administrator

ioTheory is a small business which provides primarily game server hosting, as well as website, email, and VPS/Dedicated Server Hosting. I fully manage the operations of ioTheory, from installing the hardware in the datacenter, to running the billing. I started the idea of ioTheory back in 2012 and started hosting a few Minecraft servers for friends on my rack servers. From there, I have grown the business to being hosted in a datacenter on enterprise-grade, highly-spec'ed servers

Infront Webworks Systems Admin, PHP Developer

A medium-sized web-dev company based out of Colorado Springs, CO, Infront Webworks designs, markets, and hosts the websites for many businesses, both large and small. My role with the company is some systems administration, PHP development, support, and other various tasks I can apply myself to. I started my involvement with Infront Webworks in the fall of 2015 and since have found a great place to exercise my current skills and explore new technologies and talents

Home Rack Self Education

I started collecting hardware ever since I got interested in computers back in the 8th grade. Starting out with laptop running linux and apache2, I started collectiong various rackmount equipment: Poweredge servers, Cisco devices, ProLiant machines, or generally whatever I could get my hands on. I ran ioTheory from my home rack before moving it to a datacenter. From the home rack, I've been able to teach myself pleanty about server hardware and software, vmWare, different Linux distros, various software (Namely Apache, PHP, MySQL, etc). I use the equipment I own currently to test out configurations before implementing them for live installations, to self-educate myself on various new technologies, and the such