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I'm JaredKat. I'm a tech geek. I do network engineering, systems administration and PHP development. This is my website, a mix between a portfolio, blog, and personal wiki to document the projects I do. Thanks for checking in.

More About Me

PHP - MySQL - Python - Bash - C / C++ - Go

vmWare - Cisco - Linux/BSD - Git - SQL - AWS - Google Cloud - Windows Server - Nagios - cPanel - Server Hardware


I’m still new at this blogging thing:

Content may be a bit sparse while I’m getting up to speed. If you’ve got any tips or resources for blogging, feel free to get in touch. I’m also still working on the theme of the site (Had to be unique and go for a TMUX/Bash themed site).

Chronicles in Arch Linux 2018-12-18

As of this installment, I’ve been using Arch, however sparsely, for two weeks (Installed 2018-12-05, currently writing on 2018-12-18)...Read More

2048 and VIM 2018-10-07

First and foremost, I found this excellent version of the game, 2048, written in C. It’s fun to have this fun game playable on a Linux terminal - lightweight, no heavy graphics, just the bare essentials game....Read More

Take Pictures from Space! 2018-08-15

Take Pictures From Space! We grabbed scientific imagery from a veriety of satellites in low earth orbit using cheap parts and free software....Read More


Setting up JaredKat’s Ubuntu Desktop Installing i3-gaps Install the prerequisite software to build i3 sudo apt install libxcb1-dev libxcb-keysyms1-dev libpango1....Read More


List of packages to install from the start: vim (full version of vim) tmux git chromium-browser Specific to i3 config: Manually Compile: * i3-gaps * Also required: xcb-util-xrm * 3status * playerctl...Read More

Distraction Free Youtube

function urlConvert(){ url = document.getElementById("urlinput").value; rss = youtuberss(url); document.getElementById("rssoutput").value = rss; } Convert ...Read More

Impossible List

Impossible List An impossible list is like, and unlike a bucket list. Like, in that it’s a list of goals to get done in the long-term, but different in that it invites a process of review of how to acheive those goals....Read More

Install a Custom CA

Why a custom certificate authority? With the several home servers that I have, a lot of them try to run self-signed SSL certificates....Read More

Problems and Solutions for Let's Encrypt and Proxypass

The Problem When using ProxyPass configuration on a apache webserver, as is neccessitated when running multiple webservers behind a NAT router on a single IP, as is such hosting from home, the two solutions are either to use virtualhosts or proxypass....Read More

Uptime Monitoring with Webmin

Server monitoring with Webmin Getting tired of spending cash on a monitoring solution, and having stumbled through menus to find the “System and Server Status” module, I wanted to figure out how to utilize what was available to roll my own solution....Read More

pfSense, OpenVPN Bridge, and ProxyARP

So, I’m not sure why this is the case, but without setting up ProxyARP in the pfSense virtual IP’s menu, setting up OpenVPN the way I want does not work....Read More