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I'm curious, good with computers, and love figuring things out. What could go wrong? 


Good with Computers. 

I took over my parent's laptop at age 13 for use as a Linux Server, to host my own website and start programming. I got tired of the endlessly strict confines of free website builders, and the inability to find a free hosting plan with freedom, so some HTML, CSS, and a laptop later, I had what I wanted. 

From there, I started getting a collection. Sourced second-hand. From desktop PC's to datacenter-style rackmount servers. I began to take over the magority of a room just to store the hardware. I enrolled in Cisco Networking classes so I could learn how to use the switches and routers I currated into the collection. I started hosting websites for friends and game servers for a fee, from a pile of hardware in my family's basement. And I kept growing. 

Now I've built servers to sit in datacenters, hosting a number of digital services to several friends and referrals, though I could never get all the servers out of the home, as I became fond of full customization and expansion of anything on my home network. I've made a name for myself, hosting servers like ElysiumRP, A Minecraft server with strong online community, and have become that "One Guy" who can help out with most anything server-related. 

About JaredKat:
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Some information about the technologies I use and employ in my daily life. Some insights and tips for anyone else who may be curious